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An Investment Case Study

Have you ever wondered if it’s more profitable to invest in the stock market, syndicated real estate or directly owned real estate?


This case study aims to answer that question.


The results were calculated over a 20-year period and the answer might surprise you...To access the free case study, simply enter your Name and Email below to sign up for our monthly newsletter and receive a copy of the eBook in your inbox. 

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About the author


Eric Garber, Investor Advocate

      Eric began investing with Regency Investment Group in 2019, has over 3 years of multifamily investing experience, and is a self-admitted personal finance nerd. His background is in systems engineering and engineering management at Lockheed Martin where he held increasingly important roles in space and ground systems. Now 20 years into his aerospace career, Eric is a program manager for space programs of critical national importance at Ball Aerospace.

      Eric holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Illinois and a Master's degree in Engineering Management from the University of Colorado. Eric house hacks, owns and operates 4 multifamily units and is invested in over 1000 units across the country.

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